Why is Wayra I important?

As part of Enel Group’s  measures to drive clean and renewable energies  through Enel Green Power, Wayra I Wind Farm was built, thus taking advantage of wind’s quality in the region of Ica. Wayra I contributes to the diversification of the Peruvian energy mix and marks a trend towards decentralised energy generation through the creation of Renewable Energy Hubs in the northern and southern part of the country. Thanks to Wayra I Wind Farm , Peru’s electricity generation from wind farms  will be increased by 60%.


How does Wayra I benefit Peru?

Generates clean energy: Wayra I Wind Farm  is able to generate 600 GWh per year, which is equivalent to the consumption needs of more than 483,000 households.

Investment: More than USD 165 million were invested in Wayra I’s construction and commissioning.

Care for the environment: Its operations will avoid the emission of 287,981 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. In addition, a wastewater treatment plant was implemented, which reused near 350 m3 of water to maintain paths and reduce dust. The environment-friendly plant was fed by two small wind turbines, thereby avoiding the emission of 1,64 tonnes of CO2.

Employment creation: During its construction, 867 people were hired: 750 were Peruvian (87%), 209 from the city of Ica, 163 from the province of Nazca, 50 from nearby districts and communities and 48 were women (6%). In addition, 90% of services offer were hired according to the nearest areas of influence and the province benefitted from the demand for services such as food, lodging, laundry, among others, for a year and a half.

Construction in record time: The construction of Wayra I Wind Farm  and its associated transmission installations took 14 months, and commercial operations were available 7 months and 11 days before the reference date established by the Peruvian State; based on its short construction time, it was shown that non-conventional renewable power plants  can meet the country’s consumption needs as of 2021.

Creating shared value with Wayra I

Guided from our comittement to the Sustainable Development Goals stablished by the UN, we decided to drive the local economy to empower the comunity: we strenghten their capacities, generated a circular economy and promoted gender equality.

Enel Green Power carried out different initiatives to support local businesses and communities, including environmental monitoring by associations and institutions. On the place Wayra I Wind Farm   was built, we applied our ‘Sustainable Construction Places’ model, which measures projects’ social and environmental  impact and helps determine the rational use of resources.

An example of this is the waste recycling project, which allowed us to reuse wooden sheets or pallets from the construction to produce eco-friendly furniture.

Ficha técnica

Installed capacity 132.3 MW
Investment more than USD 165  million
Annual average generation 600 GWh
Commissioning 2018
Technology 42 installed wind turbines –Nordex Acciona Turbines.
Connection Il will be connected to Poroma Substation (220 kV) through a 0,6 km transmission line.
Location 29 km from the city of Nazca, 51 km from San Juan de Marcona and 480 km from the city of Lima, near the ‘Panamericana Sur’ Highway. District of Marcona. Province of Nazca. Region of Ica.