Learn how to request modifications in an electrical connection

Published on Tuesday, 11 June 2019

What are the requirements to request modifications in an electrical connection?

* You must present them in legible copy

1. Identity document:

  •  ID card or immigration card


2. Any of these documents certifies that you are an owner. Present one of them according to the case:

  •  A literal copy of the item issued by Public Registries valid for no more than one (1) year.
  • Title of property issued by COFOPRI.
  • Public deed of the sale purchase granted by a notary.
  • Minute of the purchase sale contract.
  • Private sale contract that includes legalized signatures.
  • Certificate or proof of possession issued by the Municipality of the current district.


 3. About the identification of your property:

  • If you bring a photo where you can distinguish the numbering of your home or location and the location of the trunk (see caption), you help us give you faster attention.
  • According to your district and if necessary you will be asked for the municipal authorization to execute the works.



  • The processing of these requests is free. You only have to pay the cost of the modification requested.
  • The contracted connection is for exclusive use for your home or premises.
  • The electrical connection contract is annual and automatic renewal.
  • For the installation, transfer or increase of cargo of your home or premises, the owner and applicant must not register debt with us (Enel).
  • We recommend that a qualified electrician regularly check your electrical installations.