Learn how to apply for a new connection or electricity meter


What are the additional requirements for particular cases?

* You must present them in original and copy

1. If you are not an owner:

  • Authorization in force and legalized by notary.
  • National identity card or valid alien card


2. Market or gallery

  • Current operating license of the position or store that has been issued by the Municipality.
  • Proof of non-debit of the electrical connection, issued by the board of directors.
  • Electrical distribution plan and load chart signed by an electrical engineer or electrician mechanic with current tuition.


3. Legal person

  • Current power of the legal representative issued by SUNARP valid for no longer than 1 year.
  • ID card or valid foreigner card of the legal representative.


4. If you want an additional meter

  • Plan of electrical distribution of the internal connections signed by an electrical engineer or electrician mechanic with current tuition, this should consider the total number of connections located in the property and should be subject to the commercial evaluation of the existing connection.


5. If your required power exceeds 9.9 kw

  • Submit a load chart signed by an electrical engineer or electrician mechanic with current tuition.


These works could be paralyzed if the technical requirements are not met. Likewise, the term of attention of the work will be accounted for after the client remedies the conditions that caused the stoppage, for this you must communicate them in any of our offices.


You can see the detail of the documents to be presented below:

  A B
  Individual up to 19,9 kW (new or restoration) Modifications
Documents to be submitted Household Markets - Galleries Electric power increase Relocation of connection point Dismantling
First connection point Additional connection point
Document that evidences ownership (Registration certificate, public deed, original draft, purchase agreement with legalised signatures)
x x x x x x
Document that evidences ownership - Detaching of property registered in Public Registry or electric distribution plan signed by an electrical engineer   x x      
Identity document of the owner
x x x x x x
Adjacent connection points
Photo of the location of the meter bank, internal lines and property’s label
x x x x x  
Specific and legalised power of attorney to acquire a new connection point (**)  
Existent power supply service without debt   x x x x x
Load chart ( * )  
Sketch map
x x x x x x
Operating license     x      
Certificate of NO debt from the Board of Directors     x      
In case of legal persons, you shall also submit:
ID of the enterprise’s legal representative
x x x x x x
Copy of the power of attorney issued by the Registry Office (valid for two months after the issue date)
x x x x x x
(*) Only for power higher than 9,9 Kw.
(**) Applicant is not the owner.

What are the steps for the installation of an electrical connection or light meter?

The process from the request to the installation of the electrical connection is as follows:

  • The fulfillment of the requested requirements and the technical conditions are verified (revision of the trunk, wall, internal lines and mast).
  • After validating compliance with the requirements, the budget is delivered according to the work to be executed.
  • Only after the signing of the electricity supply contract and the payment of the electricity service in accordance with the current tariff schedule, are the works executed (which may be without reform, with reform or with substantial reform).
  • Finally we proceed with the installation of the requested work, that is, the commissioning of the light connection.


What are the characteristics of the low wall and the trunk?

You can find the technical characteristics of the low wall and the trunk below:

What is the accessory table for your electrical installations?

These accessories are the ones that you must have installed in your home so that we can execute the contracted electrical connection. 

The cables of your internal electrical installations must be connected to your electrical panel and be rolled in the trunk with a minimum length of 1 meter.


Instalación de las líneas internas del cliente

Tipo de medidor y potencia

Capacidad del interruptor termomagnético del tablero general

Tipos de cables (en la cajuela del medidor) Diámetro del tubo de canalización (PVC)
Monofásico 3 KW 20 amp. bipolar 12 AWG (2,5 mm2) 12 AWG (2,5 mm2) 1/2” (15 mm)
Monofásico 6 KW 25 amp. bipolar 10 AWG (4 mm2) 12 AWG (2,5 mm2) 1/2” (15 mm)
Monofásico 9 KW 40 amp. bipolar 8 AWG (6 mm2) 10 AWG (6 mm2) 3/4” (20 mm)
Trifásico 9.9 KW 25 amp. tripolar 10 AWG (4 mm2) 12 AWG (2,5 mm2) 3/4” (20 mm)
Trifásico 19.9 KW 50 amp. tripolar 6 AWG ó 8 AWG (10 mm2) 8 AWG (10 mm2) 3/4” (20 mm)

You can choose between TW cable, THW cable or others.


What is the minimum safety distance?

The National Electricity Code establishes the Minimum Security Distance - DMS, this is the space that must exist between your home and the electric networks.

It is an essential requirement for the installation of your meter. In case of failure, your meter will not be installed until you modify the construction.





(B) (C)
DMS a Edificaciones En cualquier dirección desde una estructura fácilmente accesible Techos o balcones fácilmente accesible Techos o balcones no accesibles
Distancia Horizontal  Vertical Vertical
Cable aéreo de baja tensión 1 m 3 m 1.8 m


  • The procedure for requesting a new electrical connection is free. You only have to pay the cost of the installation.
  • The contracted connection is exclusively for your home or premises.
  • The electricity connection contract is annual and automatic renewal.
  • If the electric service you request is for domestic use, you can choose the BT5B rate.
  • For the installation, transfer or load increases of your home or premises, the owner and applicant must not register debt with us (Enel).
  • We recommend that a qualified electrician regularly check your electrical installations.