Learn how to apply for a new connection or electricity meter

What are the specific requirements necessary for each type of application?

You will find all the necessary documents below:

  A B
  Individual up to 19,9 kW (new or restoration) Modifications
Documents to be submitted Household Markets - Galleries Electric power increase Relocation of connection point Dismantling
First connection point Additional connection point
Document that evidences ownership (Registration certificate, public deed, original draft, purchase agreement with legalised signatures)
x x x x x x
Document that evidences ownership - Detaching of property registered in Public Registry or electric distribution plan signed by an electrical engineer   x x      
Identity document of the owner
x x x x x x
Adjacent connection points
Photo of the location of the meter bank, internal lines and property’s label
x x x x x  
Specific and legalised power of attorney to acquire a new connection point (**)  
Existent power supply service without debt   x x x x x
Load chart ( * )  
Sketch map
x x x x x x
Operating license     x      
Certificate of NO debt from the Board of Directors     x      
In case of legal persons, you shall also submit:
ID of the enterprise’s legal representative
x x x x x x
Copy of the power of attorney issued by the Registry Office (valid for two months after the issue date)
x x x x x x
(*) Only for power higher than 9,9 Kw.
(**) Applicant is not the owner.

Remember that it is necessary to have the municipality’s authorisation to carry out these works; works could be stopped if technical requirements are not met. In addition, the term determined to carry out the work will start after the customer corrects the reasons that brought the works to a standstill. All of this has to be informed to any of our offices.

What are the steps to obtain a new power connection point or electricity meter?

The process from the application to the installation of the power connection is as follows:

- The fulfilment of the requirements and the technical conditions are verified (inspection to the box, the wall, the internal lines and pole).

- After validating the fulfilment of the requirements, the budget necessary to execute the work is informed.

- Only after the power connection contract is signed and the power supply service is paid according to the current tariffs, the works are executed ―without changes, with changes or with substantial changes).

- Finally, the required supply is provided through the power connection point.

What are the terms determined to execute the works?

The terms to inform the budget and execute the work, according to the Technical Regulation of Electricity Services Quality, directly depend on the type of work and the power hired. You can see these terms below:

Type of work

Hired Power


To inform the required budget*

To execute the work*

Without changes

Up 19.9 kW



From 20 a 50 kW

From 50 a 1000 kW



With changes

Up  19.9 kW



From 20 a 50 kW

From 50 a 1000 kW



Any power with significant expansion



*All terms start on calendar days.

Location of power connection point

It has to be located outside the property, in a place that can be reached by the company to perform the reading, according to what is established in Article 172 of the Electric Concessions Law and the National Code of Electricity – Use.

If the property does not have a façade made of solid material, you can apply for the construction of a small wall in case you cannot build it. The small wall must have a concrete base.

What are the characteristics of the low wall and the niche?

You can find the characteristics of the small wall and the box below:

Tips for power connection points

  • Cables of the internal electrical wiring must be connected to your electric panel and be wound inside the niche. They must be 1 metre long.
  • The pole must be made of galvanized iron tube or a treated wooden stick (it must not be made of eucalyptus). The pole must be at least three metres long.
  • 2 inches of the low wall must be picked for the underground or aerial gutter.
  • Remember that the electrical wiring must be frequently reviewed by an electrician.
  • The application process is for free. You only must pay for the installation.
  • For the installation, relocation, load increase or dismantling of the connection point, the property, the owner and the applicant must not have any debt with Enel Peru.
  • The niche/low wall must be separated from the gas, water and sewage connections at least for 50 centimetres.