What are the benefits of Rubí Solar Plant?

Rubí Solar Plant will help diversify Peru’s energy mix and reinforce local generation in the southern part of Peru, increasing electricity production through renewable energies  by 12% in the South Region (hydroelectric and solar power plants). It will be capable of generating 440 GWh of renewable energy  per year, equivalent to the consumption needs of over 350,000 Peruvian households.

Once it starts operating, it will avoid the emission of more than 209 thousand tonnes of CO2 per year, thus helping comply with the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) assumed by Peru in COP 21


Creating shared value

In line with Creating Shared Value model (CSV) adopted by Enel Group , through which the business development is combined with local communities’ needs in order to improve their quality of life , Enel Green Power Perú conducted a training workshop, aimed at the local population, on the recycling of wood used in the project for furniture production; this initiative was carried out with the support of the Municipality of Moquegua.  Enel Green Power Perú also signed an agreement with the Irrigation Association of Pampa Clemesí to promote funds in favour of the development of productivity projects within Rubí Solar Plant ’s area of influence.

The natural beauty of Rubí

Its solar panels receive the radiant rays of the sun during the day, this produces a beautiful visual effect that highlights even more its harmony with nature. An unrepeatable landscape thanks to the generation of solar energy. 


Technical Data Sheet


It is located in the district of Moquegua, province of Mariscal Nieto, region of Moquegua at an altitude of 1481 m.a.s.l. Its located 35 km to the city of Moquegua and 115 km to o the city of Lima: 1115 km.
Capacity It has a capacity of 179,5 Megawatts (direct current)/144,48 Megawatts (alternating current). Il will operate 440 GWh per year, once it starts operations.
Technology Photovoltaic solar – Poly Tracker.
Connection This plant will be connected to 500/220 kV Montalvo Substation through a 22-km transmission line (220 kV).
Investment Approximately USD 170 million.