Continuous interconnection with the Smart MeterOperations Centre.

Household and business

Energy consumption data are automatically and continuouslyencrypted and communicated through the electrical grid (frequency of transmission: every 15 minutes).


Several hubs installed across the city gather theinformation from the Smart Meters and send it in a single wireless data packet to the Smart Meter Operations Centre.

Smart Meter Operations Centre

It analyses the on-demand information and manages the energy of each connection point in the city, continuously managing connection, disconnection and measurement.

Smart meters have been validated by the Peruvian National Quality Institute - INACAL.
Energydataare stored and retransmitted in an encrypted form, thus guaranteeing its quality and security.
Its technology will allow the recording and monitoring of the energy consumption evolution over time.

The start of the Smart City

Smart Metering is the new way of knowing all aboutourenergy consumption: detailed information per time section, day, week and month.

It is a technological solution that includes communication infrastructure and new measurement equipment, all provided by Enel.

In the first phase, it is planned to change 10,000 old meters with 10,000 smart meters. Smart meters send and receive information through electrical grids, thus improving their operation. The reliability, security and quality of our service increase.