Da Vinci Experience: innovation that builds the future

His power to inspire us drives us to continue innovating for a better future.

Inspiration is our power! We create projects that impact on people's quality of life, encourage us to innovate, always offering the best service and motivating us to imagine a better future for Peru.

Convinced of this power, in Enel we decided to bring for the first time to Peru the immersive and digital exhibition Da Vinci Experience, which explores the work of the great creator and visionary Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibition was in our country from April 8 to June 8, and now it will continue its journey through Latin America.

The power of Da Vinci Experience

In Peru, Da Vinci Experience has generated a more than flattering impact: 36 thousand people and more than 90 public and private institutions visited the exhibition during the two months of exposure. But its impact does not end there, in the digital media users interacted more than 50 thousand times with the official publications of the sample, and 69% of these interactions were positive.

These numbers allow us to affirm that Da Vinci Experience is the most successful exhibition that the Ministry of Culture -the entity that hosted the exhibition- has had in recent years.

The power of Da Vinci Experience in the audience has shown three great truths:

- People attended massively to live the experience, as happens in the museums with the greatest reception in the world.

- In Peru we value the culture and art of the first level.

- It is an artistic exhibition of high impact, an entertainment offer unique in its kind in Lima and completely free access.

Therefore, Da Vinci Experience became a successful tribute to the 500 years of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, a man who has become the greatest source of inspiration for scientists, artists and people with the desire to innovate to create a better future, as we have been doing in Enel Peru.

Innovation by zones

Within the exhibition, the guides were responsible for guiding the public based on a well-documented exhibition that aroused interest in the three great facets of Da Vinci: artist, inventor and scientist, three ways to exploit their infinite curiosity through works and inventions that revolutionized their present and advanced to the future.

The sample consisted mainly of four zones:

1. Enel Zone

Our commitment to innovation gave us the opportunity to show the different initiatives that Enel Peru is working towards a sustainable future: Wayra I, the largest wind power plant in Peru; animations on projects of telecontrol, electric mobility, intelligent lighting and renewable energies that we show through augmented reality. This small room proved that we share the same DNA with Leonardo da Vinci: innovation, creativity and vision of the future.

Next to this entrance, a room invited to interact with Da Vinci's most important paintings and designs such as La Gioconda, El Hombre de Vitruvio or La Dama del Ermiño.

2. Machine Zone

What Leonardo Da Vinci designed in plans, in the Machines area, became a reality. The visitor could know about 10 machines made from the innovative sketches left by the genius: the bicycle, the armored car, the parachute, the hang glider, the steering wheel, the hammer of cams, the piston mechanism, the box of changes, the inclinometer and the mechanical jack. All surrounded by walls with Leonardo's manuscripts, among which his famous Study of the human embryo stands out.

3. Immersive Zone

A 100% sensory and immersive experience made its way to the Immersive zone. A room with sensory 4 ™ technology that reproduced on the walls videos in full HD with the best works of Da Vinci (designs, inventions, sketches, manuscripts and more) and a timeline of his life and his works. All accompanied by a soundtrack that marked the rhythm of this immersive and digital journey.

4. Virtual Reality Zone

But the immersive experience was still there! In the Virtual Reality area, the public put on their lenses and could be a privileged observer when they saw Da Vinci's creations from the inside like the big tank, the rowboat and the aerial screw. This generated a great curiosity about the internal mechanisms of Da Vinci's inventions.

Da Vinci and the future that we imagine

The genius of the Italian Renaissance has left an indelible mark on the history of humanity and has just done it in Peru with Da Vinci Experience.

His power to inspire us, thanks to that great quality to imagine the future, challenges us to keep improving. His legacy is that: innovate to shape the future and generate progress for all. That is our goal day by day.

* The Da Vinci Experience was made possible thanks to the commitment of more than 60 people, who worked in synergy from the 5 organizations that promoted the exhibition in Peru: Enel Peru, Ministry of Culture, Embassy of Italy in Peru, Italian Institute of Culture and Crossmedia Group.