Energy to Grow

For a better future for the families

At Enel we bring more than energy to homes, we bring growth and development, that is why we present you Energy to Grow, a project focused on accelerating the pace of electrification in communities at our concession areas that still do not have service.

Thanks to Energy to Grow, many Peruvian families will be able to: receive support during the connection process; have safe energy; access benefits, discounts and financing; as well as reaching new opportunities that will help them transform their lives with the energy that brings progress.

Electricidad al Toque

Access the benefits the program of the Ministry of Energy and Mines and FISE offer you

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Energy and safe products for your home with Enel X Peru


If you want to get the stone wall, mast and appliances, you need to go to the Torrico Central Service, located at the corner of Conde de Superunda Street and Rufino Torrico in Downtown Lima

How to access?

Check the requirements and once you have all the documents, the leader of your community will have to present the documents at our offices in Downtown Lima located at the corner of Conde de Superunda Street and Rufino Torrico; and in the Small North, located in Barranca, Huacho, Huaral.


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Opening hours: From Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5pm.