Inés Mendieta

Juan Carlos was 2 years old when he was diagnosed with autism. He did not talk or walk. Doctors’ prognosis was not encouraging, but Inés, his mom, did not give up. Today, he works for one of the most important companies in the world.

“My goal is to see my son become an independent, productive and successful young man, just like any other person”

When did you notice an improvement?

One year later.

How so?

I learned to communicate with him through some figures. I was able to understand him, at last!

That must have been amazing!

“You finally get me, mom!” I realised how much he was doing to learn, and he began to learn very fast.

Most doctors told you that he would not get better, but he speaks and reads now, he has won swimming medals, he plays several instruments and he works in a transnational. How do you feel?

I feel like a super mom, a mother that has fought, that has given everything, that has grown as a person. When I see other kids or moms that need help, I help because I know how hard this is. Oh, if I told you everything I have been through, you would have to interview me for several days (laughs)...

It is not easy to accept that one’s child is autistic.

It hits you at first. I asked myself, “Why me?” Then I said, “My God, if you have put this in my way, it is because you want to show me how strong I am or how great my faith is in myself and in You”.

Today Juan Carlos works at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the most recognised companies in the world. How is it to see him go to work each morning?

Oh, I am his number 1 fan (laughs)... I feel so proud when I see him leaving, all dressed up. So proud! He is my best harvest... There are always problems, but every time I see him and nothing else matters