Our Commitment: To Keep Providing Everyone with High-Quality Energy

“We are the company that provides the best electrical service in the country for the third consecutive year.”

Fidel Pari, an engineer in the ​​Infrastructure and Networks Department of Enel Distribución Perú , says that service excellence has been kept over time thanks to proper planning, as complemented by the responsibility of meeting the execution times established for each task. In other words, recognition is the result of a good habit: if something is done, it is done well. Nothing is left to chance.

Technology for Excellence

From 2013 to 2015, Enel Distribución Perú has been the best company in electrical service quality in the country, as assessed by the Peruvian energy regulator Osinergmin. This evaluation, conducted among fourteen electricity distribution companies in Peru, takes into account two international indicators. The first is SAIFI, an index that measures the average interruption frequency per customer, that is, the amount of times that customers have a power cut at home. The other is SAIDI, an index that records the average interruption duration per customer, and it is expressed in hours of power outage.

Enel Enel Distribución Perú has achieved this high degree of service quality, precisely because we are concerned with reducing power outages[3] . We are constantly innovating and we have an investment plan to implement projects such as the medium voltage network automation.

“We bring electrical service to more than 1.3 million customers in Lima, capital of Peru.”

This project consists of the installation of modern electrical equipment to ensure the immediate restoration of the service through the selection of the failing section of the network for its repair. In this way, any eventual failure is solved as it had never happened.

José Condori, engineer of service quality in the Infrastructure and Networks Department of Enel Peru, says that every year means a new challenge in the planning of maintenance and renovation of aerial and underground networks. "We focus on automating the network through remote control, which has reduced cuts and their duration”, says Condori.

In addition to adding state-of-the-art technology, we plan to build new transmission substations. The goal is to respond in a timely manner to the growth of electric power demand so that customers feel confident that the supply will not be interrupted.

With the global Open Power approach, we are committed to maintaining excellence in service. And the synergy of our operating areas aims at it as well.

We are more than a thousand people working daily so that the light is still on.