Nuevo Pachacútec' Technological Institute: Education for Progress

“A very important part of the project was the involvement of Enel workers. We invited them to do their bit by teaching the Institute’s different careers”

– María del Rosario Arrisueño, Enel Peru’s Head of Sustainability.

Our Energy Comes from Young People

Young people studying at Nuevo Pachacútec Technological Institute have overcome their limited financial resources in order to follow the Electricity technical career and offer their communities the energy of the future. They come from Ventanilla, Mi Perú, Puente Piedra, Carabayllo and other districts of Northern Lima and Callao.

One of the most important achievements is labour insertion. 250 young people accomplished the goal. 95% of the alumni work for contractors of Enel Peru and the electricity sector.

Among the graduates there are also women. IST Nuevo Pachacútec applies the principle of gender equality and believes that everybody must have equal opportunities to work in positions that used to be considered men preserve.

Comprehensive Education

IST Nuevo Pachacútec offers a varied curriculum. Courses are oriented to the energy sector; for example, mechanics, assembly and installation of substations, energy generation and transmission, electrical system and equipment maintenance, among others.

Humanities courses are also taught. Communication techniques, ethical behaviour, leadership and teamwork are some of them.

In addition to granting a degree on behalf of the nation, the Institute offers student fare cards, library services, a computer lab, cultural and sport activities, and scholarships.