Power outage due to debt

Power outages due to debt are made when the customer has failed to pay their Enel  electricity bills on time. We recommend you to pay before the due date at any of our more than 7,000 payment points .

Power outage due to electrical risk

Power outages due to electrical risk are produced to prevent situations where the safety of people or our facilities is at risk.

To prevent such situations this, we recommend not operating the power meter without authorisation, not making illegal connections (not authorised by the parent network) and not selling energy to others (the electric power supply is for the exclusive use of the property to which it was granted). Finally, we suggest that a trusted electrician regularly check your electrical wiring installations.

Do not risk your safety and that of your family. If you learn about any irregular connection, call Fonocliente (customer service) at 517-1717. Your information will be confidential.