New era, new energy

“Global challenges make us look towards the future with a shared vision: to provide more homes with energy supply and bring progress.”

We want the Company to be the best in service quality, innovation, openness, modernity and responsibility based on our new Open Power approach.

Our Mission:

In today's fast-changing and complex world we can have a positive impact on the biggest global challenges and thus multiply the benefits our presence brings and expand around the world.

For that reason, we look forward to bringing our services closer to more people in several countries, stimulating local economies and broadening access to energy.

We base on the Open Power approach to face some of the world’s greatest challenges:

  • Open our energy and reach more people and communities to help them improve their quality of life.
  • Create innovative sustainable technologies for energy generation and distribution with the objective of solving possible future problems.
  • Open energy to new uses in order to meet the changing needs of people, making it essential for their lives.
  • Establish new partnerships—open and transparent—in order to create businesses with shared value.

“We aim to go further: by 2050, we want to become an entirely carbon-neutral company”

Welcome to the new era of energy.