Everything you need to know about your electricity service in this second quarantine

Published on Saturday, 30 January 2021

  • Enel will keep its service centers open, but asks its customers to opt for digital channels such as www.enel.pe and WhatsApp at 939 605 111.
  • Meter reading will continue, as it is key to billing users' actual consumption and the delivery of receipts. They can also join the digital receipt service on the website.
  • Enel encourages its customers to use electricity efficiently in this period.


Lima, January 30th, 2021. In face of the upcoming start of a second quarantine ordered by the Government, Enel Distribución Perú informs that it will keep its customer service channels active. The service centers will remain open with strict biosecurity measures and shorter hours. However, Enel calls on its customers to prioritize the use of digital channels, such as WhatsApp at 939 605 111 and www.enel.pe, both of which will be strengthened at this juncture.

Enel reminds its customers that they can make their inquiries, payments, requests for new supplies, claims, and other procedures through the customer service chat at www.enel.pe, Facebook and Twitter inbox, WhatsApp at 939 605 111, Fonocliente at 517-1717, and in the Enel mobile app. It is important to choose these means to keep ourselves safe at home and mitigate infections.

People who for different reasons cannot use non-contact channels may go to Enel's service centers. The company has put in place rigorous biosafety measures, such as entrance and distancing protocols, as well as the training of digital counselors who will help clients who await procedures. Service centers in Lima will maintain their regular opening hours, but will close at 4:00 p.m. and won't open on Sundays. Meanwhile service centers in Huacho, Huaral and Barranca will close at 3:00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays, at 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and won’t open on Sundays.

Meter reading

Enel confirmed that it will maintain meter reading in this period, a fundamental activity for billing electricity consumption by customers. Thus, the general average billing established by the Government for the first quarantine is ruled out. Clients who have internal meters or any meters that cannot be reviewed by the reading team can send a photograph of their meter to Enel's WhatsApp at 939 605 111.

Scheduled outages

Enel explained that it will have to carry out the preventive maintenance cuts planned for this period. These are vital to keeping the network in optimal condition, especially now that people will be at home using more electricity. This measure will prevent the networks from being overloaded and keep the service working properly at this stage. Likewise, the emergency team will continue to attend to unforeseen failures in our concession area.

Finally, Enel Distribución Perú urged its clients to make efficient use of electricity at home, keeping their connections in good condition and avoiding any overloads. Enel is committed to continuing to provide a high-quality service to its customers while following strict security measures and contributing to government regulations to contain infections.

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