Power outage in the early morning

Published on Thursday, 23 May 2019

Lima, May 23rd of 2019.- Regarding the power outage that took place this early morning in some districts of Lima and Callao, we would like to inform all citizens the following:

  1.  On Wednesday at 11:52 pm, an unexpected failure was detected in the high voltage network located on the Carmen de la Legua district, which presumably originated due to climate reasons. This provoked the temporal interruption of the electrical service of 210 thousand clients in some districts of Lima and Callao.
  2. Our emergency teams approached the area immediately and we were able to reinstate the service at 82% in under 25 minutes. 20 minutes later, the electrical service was reinstated at 100%. 
  3. We would also like to inform that as soon as we gained knowledge about a vehicle that was damaged as a consequence of this event, Enel contacted the affected individual to compensate for the material damages.
  4. The safety and well being of the people are the most important matters to Enel. Our engineers will continue supervising the electrical networks that carry energy to the area as a mean to keep providing high-quality service and to minimize any risk that could cause atypical events.

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