“This job is intense, it’s necessary to go to the operational departments to understand how the business works, because, for example, climate changes can increase expenses. All the information must be correct before sending it abroad”

Her job demands such a commitment that she works hard from Monday to Friday. Her husband understands, as he is also an accountant. “We both know how our job is and the commitment we have to our companies”. However, weekends are completely devoted to 5-year-old Alexa and 3-year-old Sebastián. Even though they have not been to our facilities, “they do know where I work, the floor I work at, because they have come for me many times. They want to come in! Someday they will!”

Working in the energy sector has a special value for her, because the man who gave Kitty her name was an electrician. She was raised by her grandparents and grew up among wires of different sizes that she helped wind up on huge bobbins. Today, she is part of a multinational company that has established the Open Power strategy.