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Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GESP)
Non-profit organisation that unites leading power companies committed to sustainable electrification worldwide.
Canadian public company in charge of the generation, transmission and distribution of clean and renewable energy (99%).
Enel X
Global company leading the new era of the energy sector. It drives energy transformation and new improvement opportunities for its customers around the world..



It will last for two years. During this time, as much valuable information as possible will be gathered to create baselines to adopt the widespread electrification of Peru’s public transport; in addition to this, a technical training programme on technology will be conducted



  • Possible implications arising from the widespread adoption of electric transport in Lima, obtaining real data about local costs, operations, environmental impact and key factors to succeed in the electrification of the city’s transportation network.
  • The impact by a fleet ―or more― of electric buses on the operations, maintenance works and the grid (given the increase of energy demand).
  • The experience and perception of users and operators, reliability of e-buses, batteries and charging infrastructure.
  •  The life cycle of buses in comparison with diesel and natural gas buses.