BESS Ventanilla: Milestone of innovation in Peru

Enel Peru commits to technology and implements more efficient and sustainable energy solutions through the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Technological investment for Peru’s development

At Enel Peru we believe in the power of innovation to build more efficient and sustainable energy models. In this context, the BESS represents the future in the generation of clean energy and drives its development and its effective management.

Thanks to the BESS, the renewable energy is no longer subordinated to the availability of the resource. With this technology we can store and manage it in the hours of high demand. Therefore, it allows us to avoid intermittency and assure the continuity of the electricity supply.

By this means, through high impact initiatives, we show that our energy does not stop. BESS Ventanilla represents a great milestone in terms of sustainable, resilient and quality energy infrastructure development. One step further, which brings us closer to the cities of the future: modern and self-sustaining.

Our energy does not recognize borders when talking about investment and innovation, and neither does our commitment to promote the Objective of Sustainable Development through projects like BESS Ventanilla. The strength that moves us every day is to keep lighting the development and technology path in Peru.