Electric Transport: The Future of Transport in Lima

Healthy Transportation for All

How do we benefit from electric transport ? “Electric transport would improve people’s quality of life, especially their health, because their respiratory system would be less exposed to damage. Buses use combustion engines and these emit polluting gases into the city. Therefore, the faster the conversion or replacement of current buses with electric ones and the deeper the penetration of electric transport, the greater the positive impact on health”, says Carlos Temboury, former Country Manager of Enel Perú.

“Electric transport reduces the emission of CO2, thereby helping improve the health of the most vulnerable populations in a sustainable way”

Starting the Car for the City of the Future

A car goes quietly through the streets of Lima; it makes no sound, emits no polluting gases and is 70% cheaper than a petrol one. These are some of the advantages of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the first electric car in Peru that can be charged with a conventional 220v power point. Enel Distribución Perú brought it for the first time to Peru as an initiative to bet on electric transport in Lima and turn the capital of Peru into a smart city such as Santiago, Bogota or Rio de Janeiro.

Electric transport has come to make a change in the way we move in the city; it is an alternative kind of transportation that is conquering and building a more sustainable and connected world.

The adoption of electric vehicles has an immediate impact on our planet, setting a before and after in the way we understand transport and our relationship with society and the planet, committed and open to a future with clean energy.