24/7 Spirit of Service

Serving more than 1,4 million customers requires a 24/7 job. This is the story of Leonel Atoche and the job that allows you to receive quality service.

Leonel’s Vocation

Leonel is quite something: he is thoughtful, talkative and detail-oriented when explaining something or working with his team. His colleagues agree! More than once he has had to sacrifice family time on Christmas, New Year’s Eve or his children’s birthday parties, to rush to the Control Centre and solve some problem. “I have to be with my team in the most difficult times”, he says. That is what his 24/7 job is about. Leonel is 100% involved in his service and problem-solving duties; he puts himself in the shoes of the affected customers. 



As in any job, problems always arise. Managing a power supply service is both delicate and challenging. Even though we seek to solve emergencies as soon as possible, we also seek to do it in the safest way for everyone (customers and employees). Leonel’s job involves something else: constant improvement. “Every mistake allows me to gain more experience to make better decisions in the future”, he declares. And this applies to the areas he manages in the Control Centre: low, medium and high voltage. 

“The members of my team are like guards that monitor in real time and rapidly analyse incidents to solve them”

– Leonel Atoche, Control Centre Head of Enel Distribución Peru

In case of LV issues, field squads and the call centre work together to solve complaints and emergencies reported by users; however, when a problem affects thousands of customers, the MV and HV teams get into action with their digital and remote-control systems, which allow real-time monitoring. This is done under Leonel’s attentive look and careful advice. Nevertheless, “failures weaken networks, so we must repair and reinforce them”, he says. This is no easy job, but it is done by our employees.

Our Service Grows Together with You

As we mentioned at the beginning, Lima is growing by leaps and bounds and we are effectively responding to this demand by increasing our work pace to ensure the power supply’s quality and reliability in the 26 districts within our concession area, such as Los Olivos, San Martín de Porres, San Juan de Lurigancho, Downtown Lima, among others. Therefore, we need that leaders like Leonel ―who are committed to their job and willing to help 24/7― embrace the challenge of growing side by side with us.

Building a smart city in Peru requires people who are as talented as Leonel Atoche to lead and shape the future, and who understand that customers are our service’ main priority. The new era of energy is on its way thanks to them.