Francisco José García Calderón Portugal

Independent Director of Enel Generación Perú.

He is a Business Administrator from the Universidad del Pacifico, Perú. He has a postgraduate degree in Management from the University of Piura, Perú and a Master's degree from Arthur D.Little from the United States, where he obtained a Master of Science in Management degree. He is Director of Enel Generación Perú SAA since march 2015 and previously he was from the period 2009 to 2012. He was also an alternate Director of the same company from the period 2003 to 2008. He has been Director of various companies in different sectors such as Perupetro, Copac SA, Araper, Cemento Andino, PetroPerú, Confiep, Essalud, Etevensa, Edelnor SA, Hidrandina SA, Sociedad Eléctrica del Sur Oeste SA, and the Arequipa Stock Exchenge.

He is currently part of the Board of Directors of Euromotors S.A., Creditex S.A.A, Corporación Cervesur S.A.A, Motores Diesel Adndino S.A, Eurorenting S.A.C, International Camiones del Perú S.A.C, Altos Andes S.A.C, Eurinmuebles S.A.C, Euroinmuebles S.A.C, Euro Camiones S.A, San Bartolomé S.A, Eurolift SA, Inversiones Euromaq SAC, Inversiones Sabancaya S.A, Alimentos Procesados ​​S.A, Texgroup S.A, Transaltisa S.A, Procesos Agroindustriales S.A, Servicio de Asesoría S.A, Agrícola Cerro Prieto S.A, QSI Industrial S.A, TALMA S.A, Aeropuertos del Perú S.A. and Cia.Latinoamericana de Radiodifusión S.A.


*Gender Male; Year of birth: 1961