She is an economist from the Universidad del Pacifico, Perú and has a Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University, United States. She is Director of the Company since March 2019. Specialist in public management and former Minister of Production. As Minister of Production, she implemented an important reform in industrial anchovy fishing, as well as the Purchasing Program from MYPErú to stimulate economic activity in the context of the international crisis of 2008. She was Head of the USAID / Facilitating Trade Project, which supported to Perú and other countries of the Andean Region in the development of capacities for trade.

Currently, she is President of IPAE, she is Director of Refineria La Pampilla, Pesquera Diamante, Consorcio de Investigación Ecónomica y Social (CIES), Scotiabank Perú, Crediscotia Financiera and Profuturo AFP.
She was President of the CADE Executives organizing committee in 2015. She has held various executive and advisory positions in public sector institutions such as the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, among others, and was a member of directory of public entities such as Fondo MiVivienda, Cofide and Foncodes. She has been a consultant for USAID, World Bank, IDB, UNDP, and GIZ.


*Gender Female; Year of birth: 1969