Daniel Abramovich Ackerman

Alternate Director and Board's Secretary of Enel Generación Perú.

Law degree from La Pontificia Catolica del Perú University and he has studies Economics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently holds the position of Manager of Legal and Corporate Affairs, and director in Enel Generación Perú S.A.A.  He was previously secretary of the board of directors in Enel Generación Perú S.A.A.

He has hold the position of Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs Peru since february 2019, and previously held different positions in Enel Generacion Perú S.A.A. , such as Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs Renewable Energies & Energy Management (2017) and Legal Counsel Manager (2011). From august 1999 to october 2011, he worked as a lawyer in the commercial, civil and securities market practice at Payet, Rey Cauvi Abogados, a firm of which he was a partner since january 2008. He has worked as a professor at La  Pontificia Catolica de Perú University and Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas University.    



* Gender: Male; Year of birth: 1970