Patricia Lisetta Teullet Pipoli

Independent Director of Enel Distribución Perú.

She is Director of Corporate Affairs at Newlink Consulting. She has worked in the public and private sector.

In the private sector, she has worked in departments such as foreign trade negotiation and evaluation and social project management and development. As regards the latter, she was in charge of NGO Aporta, created by the Breca Group to develop projects aimed to improve relationships with stakeholders. Previously, she acted as General Manager of Peru’s Foreign Trade Society-ComexPeru; there, she was the director of two trade-union publications: the International Business Magazine, and the Economic Situation Analysis Weekly.

Her experience in the public sector was as Vice Minister of Economy and Vice Minister of Social Development in the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of the Presidency, respectively. She is an alternate member of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and was the Executive Director of the APEC CEO Summit 2008. She takes part in several advisory councils of private companies as well as non-governmental organisations. She is also a columnist for the Perú21 Journal and the AméricaEconomía Magazine.