Social Energy Inclusion Fund (FISE)


If you received the invitation, you should sign up and update your personal information in our Service Centres.

What are the benefits of FISE?

A discount coupon for S/ 16 to buy a LPG gas cylinder.

How do I know if I will receive the discount?

If you signed up and qualified to be a beneficiary, you will receive the FISE Digital Coupon’s code on your Enel electricity bill[1] . It is on the same place you check your historical consumption.

Where do I find the authorised centres to perform the exchange?

Find the list of authorised agents at or go to our Service Centres[1].

How do I use the discount?

Contact the procurement centres or go to the stores of LPG authorised agents with FISE banners. Do not forget to take your ID card and the FISE Digital coupon printed on your electricity bill in order to submit them when receiving the gas cylinder