Social Energy Inclusion Fund (FISE)


If you received the invitation, you should sign up and update your personal information in our Service Centres.

How can I access the benefit?

If you received the invitation or are on the list of Potential Beneficiaries with electricity supply, you can join and update your data via the following service channels:

  • WhatsApp 939 605 111
  • Facebook Messenger of Enel Peru
  • Website
  • 11 Service Centers


What do I need to present to access the benefit?

  • Your national ID (DNI)
  • Electricity bill (average monthly consumption of 42 kWh.)
  • Affidavit of possession and use of LPG kitchen.
  • Photo of your kitchen and LPG bottle or the last purchase receipt for your gas bottle.

You can download the affidavit format by clicking here: Download affidavit format (PDF)

How will I receive the FISE Discount Voucher? 

If you registered and qualified to be a beneficiary, you will receive a code printed on your Enel electricity bill. Locate it in the FISE section, below the supply data.

If you do not have a receipt, you can request the voucher code via WhatsApp or our support line at 517-1717 (Fonocliente).


Each voucher expires after 60 days. After expiration, you will not be able to redeem it. You may use two vouchers at the same time to purchase one gas bottle (please verify their validity)

How can I redeem the FISE Discount Voucher?

Contact the order centers of the LPG distributors or go to an authorized redemption location identified with the FISE banner (see the list of redemption places). Present your DNI and the FISE Discount Voucher code printed on your receipt or in digital media.

At the time of redemption, the authorized agent will ask for your signature, request payment for the difference in the price of the bottle, and give you a bill of sale.

Cheaper gas for Peruvians who need it