Private and public transport with a sustainable and efficient approach

Our experience in electric mobility extends to the transportation of private personnel and public transport. In this way, we have solutions for electric buses and recharging infrastructure that respond to our purpose focused on sustainability and efficiency.


Why acquire it?

Because of our experience, support, and portfolio that adapt to the needs of each client. Thanks to these, our solutions allow us to increase efficiencies, optimize resources, save on costs, and lead the energy transition in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We also offer the e-Buses as a Service business model, which makes the transition to efficient transportation accessible to the mining sector.

Comprehensive financing

Thanks to our "turnkey" initiative, which was the result of a strategic alliance with electric vehicle suppliers, we can finance entire projects, including the dimensioning, the purchase of electric vehicles and chargers, the construction of the recharging yard (electric terminal), and the maintenance.

Infrastructure and service

Installation and management of the recharging infrastructure, supply of energy from 100% renewable sources and optimization of consumption through innovative smart recharging techniques.

Smart City Services

Smart bus stops, equipped with security cameras, digital screens for specific communications and charging points for electric bicycles and scooters, facilitating multimodal transport.

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