Arca Continental Lindley receives the first international certificate from Enel Perú for the use of 100% renewable energy

Published on Monday, 25 July 2022

  • The I-REC Standard certification was granted for the use of 100% renewable energy in the production plants of Arca Continental Lindley throughout 2021.
  • This is the first I-REC Standard certificate granted by Enel in Perú.


Lima, July 25th, 2022.- The electricity distribution and generation company Enel Perú granted Arca Continental Lindley the I-REC Standard certification (International Standard Certificate for Renewable Energy), issued by the renowned global firm The Green Certificate Company. This recognition, awarded for the first time by Enel in Perú, was granted for the consumption of 100% renewable energy in the bottling company's production plants in Arequipa, Trujillo, Zárate, and Pucusana during 2021.

“For several years, we have been working hard to become increasingly efficient in the use of our resources, including the energy we use in our plants and processes in general. This certificate reaffirms our commitment to caring for the environment, a principle that is part of our sustainability policy, and that motivates us to continue working firmly on this goal,” said Jesús García, general manager of Arca Continental Lindley.

This milestone is the continuation of a series of voluntary actions carried out by the company in the face of climate change. An example of this is that it was the first company in Latin America to receive LEED Gold certifications (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in two of its main production plants, Trujillo and Pucusana. These certifications recognize the efficient use of natural resources and the health and safety measures that benefit the users of these facilities. Likewise, the company updates its distribution fleet every year to achieve greater efficiencies.

For his part, Marco Fragale, country manager of Enel Perú, stated: “At Enel Perú we are committed to being allies of all the actors in society to achieve the energy transition of our country. The fact that a company as large as Arca Continental Lindley is betting on the use of renewable energy will not only contribute to this goal, but it is also an example for its peers in the mass consumption industry to unite to achieve a zero-emissions Perú.”

The I-REC Standard certification is a global recognition that allows electricity generators and distributors to certify the physical origin and traceability of the technological origin of the energy they produce and supply, ensuring that it comes from 100% renewable sources. Through the agreement with Arca Continental Lindley, Enel Perú has committed to issuing an I-REC certificate each year certifying that the energy now used by the bottler's operations comes from renewable sources, specifically from the Matucana hydroelectric plant.

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