Enel X and PAMOLSA inaugurate the first “behind the meter” energy storage system in Peru

Published on Wednesday, 23 February 2022

  • With this service, provided by Enel X, PAMOLSA will generate savings in its electricity billing in addition to reducing its impact on the environment.
  • The system was implemented with the assistance of On.Energy, a strategic partner of the electric company for the development of energy storage projects.


Lima, February 23rd, 2022.- PAMOLSA, a Carvajal group company, has become the first company in Peru to implement an innovative “behind the meter” energy storage system. The system, which was implemented by Enel X Perú with the assistance of On.Energy, uses artificial intelligence to generate considerable savings by reducing electricity consumption during peak demand hours in the national system, thus avoiding high charges for power and transmission tolls. Similarly, the system favors the reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment because it allows energy produced outside of peak consumption hours to be stored, which normally comes from renewable sources such as hydro, solar and wind.

“One of the strategic pillars of Enel Perú to contribute to the country's energy transition. The implementation of this technology in favor of our free customers represents a milestone in the electrification of end uses, and therefore it represents one more step towards this goal.” highlighted Marco Fragale, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

Enel X is a pioneer company in the country providing energy storage and Peak Shaving services, and it has joined forces with On.Energy to offer its customers comprehensive solutions for smarter energy management. The 10-year alliance signed with PAMOLSA will allow this company to manage its energy through a high-capacity lithium-ion battery storage system. PAMOLSA's system is located behind the meter and will work in conjunction with the On.Command™ software, which uses artificial intelligence to predict the maximum coincident demand, store energy in the hours of low demand and discharge it at peak hours.

“This alliance with PAMOLSA is a clear example of how our free clients can transform energy into new opportunities and progress. We are proud to be strategic allies in pursuit of energy efficiency, while  contributing to the energy transition in Peru”, said Alejandro Barragán, General Manager of Enel X Perú.

“Beyond allowing us to increase efficiencies in energy matters, this project lines up with our environmental commitment. This is why we are so proud to form this strategic alliance with Enel X and On.Energy", said Ricardo Echegaray, General Manager and Vice President of Carvajal Empaques.

“This is a very important milestone for the Peruvian industry on the road to our energy transition and fulfilling it hand in hand with Enel X and PAMOLSA fills us with pride. The On.Energy™ BESS, located at the Pamolsa facilities, will operate in conjunction with our On.Command™ artificial intelligence software to ensure energy quality, monetary savings and reduced CO2 emissions”, highlighted Robin Vargas, Country Manager of On.Energy in Peru.

Solutions for energy efficiency

Energy storage and Peak Shaving are just a few of the flexibility services offered by Enel X Perú. The company also offers intelligent disconnection as one of the energy efficiency solutions for customers in the free market, designed for industrial customers with consumption greater than 250 kW. On the other hand, Enel X offers a distributed generation service using renewable energy sources such as solar power, through which users can generate energy at various points of consumption, increasing the reliability of the supply.

These initiatives, among other, are the solutions offered by Enel X Perú to contribute to the energy efficiency of its customers.

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