President Pedro Castillo inaugurates the country's first fast charging station installed by Enel X and Petroperú

Published on Tuesday, 11 January 2022

  • This initiative is part of the actions carried out by both companies to encourage electric mobility in the country.


Lima, January 10th, 2022.- This morning, the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, inaugurated the first fast-charging electric station in the country, at the Kío Service Station, at kilometer 25.62 of the South Pan-American Highway. This infrastructure was installed as part of the Framework Cooperation Agreement signed by Enel X Perú and Petroperú to encourage electric mobility. The electric station installed is a 60kW DC Juicepump Duo. This charger has two connectors, one in CCS2 and the other in Chademo, and can recharge two electric vehicles at the same time. With this charger, an electric vehicle (car or SUV) would receive a full charge in approximately 40 minutes.

The implementation of electric stations promotes zero pollution, by providing energy for vehicles that generate zero C02 emissions to the environment, thus improving the city's air quality and the quality of life of its citizens. In addition, the use of these chargers and the technology behind electric mobility naturally promote the efficient use of energy. In the future, the network of electric stations could be complemented with the supply of clean energy from renewable sources. Similarly, the implementation of electric stations generates investment and jobs within an industry that will grow exponentially in the next 30-40 years.

“I welcome the efforts made by the private sector to introduce electromobility and what this implies as a technology transfer for the whole of society, with the support of the State. Proof of this is this alliance between Petroperú, Enel, and one of the service stations affiliated with the national network, to promote alternative energy and, eventually, renewable energy. This electric station is the first of many that will be implemented along the Panamericana Sur highway and then throughout the country, expanding the coverage of this modern service and encouraging the use of friendly energy. In this way, we will advance in the change of our energy matrix towards cleaner fuel sources”, highlighted the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo.

This initiative is just one of the actions promoted by Enel Perú to support the country's energy transition. “At Enel Perú we are convinced that the benefits of electric mobility must reach the lives of all Peruvians, and the inauguration of this charger brings us one step closer towards achieving this dream. We hope to continue forming more strategic alliances, such as the one we are consolidating today with Petroperú, a state company that shares this vision of the future, and has become a great promoter of electric mobility”, said Marco Fragale, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

“We are proud to continue promoting electromobility along with Petroperú. This is just one of the fast-charging electric stations that we plan to install in Petroperú's service stations. This year, we expect to install five additional electric stations, which will also be part of the network that Enel X has established throughout the country”, highlighted Alejandro Barragán, General Manager of Enel X Perú.

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