Petroperú and Enel X begin implementation of EV charging network in service stations

Published on Friday, 19 March 2021

  • Both companies have inaugurated the first charging point for electric vehicles in the Kío service station, south of Lima.


Lima, March 19th, 2021.- To encourage electric mobility in the country, PETROPERÚ and ENEL X PERÚ inaugurated the first electric vehicle (EV) charging point at the service stations affiliated with the state company. The charging point is located at the Kío Service Station, at kilometer 25.62 of the South Pan-American Highway.

The inauguration ceremony was held with the presence of the President of the Board of PETROPERÚ, Eduardo Guevara; the Country Manager of ENEL PERÚ, Marco Fragale; the General Manager of PETROPERÚ, Carlos Barrientos and the General Manager of ENEL X PERÚ, Alejandro Barragán.

This initiative is carried out as part of the "Acuerdo Marco de Cooperación" (Framework of Cooperation Agreement) that both companies recently signed to encourage electric mobility in Peru, promoting the economic and environmental advantages generated by the use of electric vehicles.

Eduardo Guevara indicated that this new business generation project will contribute to the strengthening of PETROPERÚ as an energy company. "Today, we are taking a first step towards the implementation of a chain of electric charging stations in the service stations affiliated to the PETROPERÚ network, and we will continue to support other similar projects that allow us to use and promote renewable energies, which are more friendly to the planet," he added.

Marco Fragale highlighted the importance of the agreement between both companies to promote electromobility. “At ENEL PERÚ, we recognize the great potential that electrification represents for the development of transportation in the country. This new electric charging station is one more step in the massification of this environmentally friendly technology, of which we are promoters and articulators through the different public-private initiatives. An example of this was our implementation of the first public transportation electric bus more than a year ago and, today, the start-up of the first Lima Sur electric station at the Kío Service Station, "he said.

After the inauguration and the first charging of an electric vehicle, Carlos Barrientos pointed out that the plan is to create a network of commuters in both the south and the near-north coast of Lima, as well as working with its clients in the industry, mining, and transport sectors. "In this way we promote electromobility and contribute to sustainable development goals, guaranteeing access to affordable, safe, sustainable, and modern energy for everyone in the country," he said.

Alejandro Barragán, for his part, remarked: “We are proud to inaugurate the first electric charging station in Lima Sur, which is further proof of our commitment to the development of electromobility in the country. This facility joins the network of more than 40 electric stations that ENEL X PERÚ has implemented throughout the country and which, at the same time, are part of the Pan-American network of ENEL X, which links North America with South America. In the coming months, we hope to continue with new deliveries of electric charging stations along with PETROPERÚ ".

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