Enel Perú invested 42 million soles in its new electrical substation “Medio Mundo”

Published on Thursday, 11 March 2021

  • The Electric Transmission Substation (ETS) inaugurated today is Enel's first 100% digital ETS in the country.
  • It will benefit 100,000 clients on the near north coast of Lima.
  • The facility will also supply electricity to the Caral archaeological zone.


Lima, March 11th, 2021. Enel Distribución Perú inaugurated the new Medio Mundo Electric Transmission Substation (ETS) in the district of Vegueta, within the province of Huaura. This is Enel's first digital ETS in Peru, which aims to improve the quality of electricity service in strategic locations, especially on the near north coast of Lima. Medio Mundo is a 220/66 / 20kV substation, has an installed power of 50 MVA at the 220kV level and 25MVA at 66kV, and occupies an area of approximately 15,000 m2.

The investment for its construction was around 42 million soles. The facility, which came into service on December 15, benefits nearly 100,000 clients from Huaura and Barranca, who now have access to a service that exceeds quality standards, in addition to experiencing the development and progress of their community. The works took almost 3 years from the planning stage and, currently, it is Enel's most important work on the near north coast of Lima.

“The inauguration and launch of the ETS Medio Mundo is a huge milestone for us, especially considering the multiple challenges posed by the pandemic. Medio Mundo is a clear sign of our commitment to the development of the Peruvian electricity sector through relevant investments. It is also a concrete example of our concern to contribute to the development of the areas where we operate, as we bring energy and environmentally friendly technology to improve people's quality of life”, said Marco Fragale, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

The SET Medio Mundo has an installed power of 50 MVA. It is the first Enel Perú facility to have a digital control and protection system, a superior technology compared to existing automated facilities. This technology increases access to more technical information in record time, achieving greater efficiency in monitoring and control, which in turn results in greater system reliability and efficiency of operation and maintenance tasks.

The project also entails benefits for the environment such as a significant reduction in the project's carbon footprint, as it has much more compact facilities. Likewise, the use of copper, the main material in the manufacture of electrical infrastructures, was reduced.

It should be noted that one of the distribution networks of the SET Medio Mundo will provide the electrical service for Caral, one of the most important archaeological centers in the country, encouraging the progress and growth of this area.

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