Enel Perú inaugurated BESS Ventanilla: the first large capacity battery system in the country

Published on Thursday, 14 January 2021

  • The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is located in Ventanilla, Callao, and is the first of the Enel Group in Latin America.
  • The project represents an investment of approximately USD 10 million. It is a 14.6MW power device incorporated in the Ventanilla thermal power plant, with an effective power of 469.4MW.
  • It will provide Primary Frequency Regulation services to the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN) and, in the future, it is expected to be the main ally of clean energy.


Lima, January 14th, 2021. Enel Perú inaugurated the first large capacity Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Peru, the BESS Ventanilla. The objective of the infrastructure is to deliver and absorb energy to and from the electrical system to compensate for the frequency deviations of the interconnected system, which is essential to improve the quality of the energy delivered to customers and increase the stability of the National Interconnected Electric System (SEIN). In addition to being the first infrastructure of its kind in the country, BESS Ventanilla is the first for the Enel Group in Latin America.

This system, whose investment was approximately USD 10 million, is located in Callao within the Ventanilla Thermal Power Plant, has a site size of 2,500 square meters, and has 14.6MW of built-in power and 469.4MW of effective power.

“The BESS Ventanilla is the first milestone in the battery market in Peru and will allow demonstrating the virtues of this technology, opening the possibility of new services that will benefit the system and customers. In this sense, it would be important that the regulations of the sector follow its development and allow the exploration of additional functionalities in Primary Frequency Regulation”, said José Manuel Revuelta, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

Salvatore Bernabei, Director of Enel's Global Power Generation business line, commented: “This project is a very relevant milestone for Enel's global generation area, as it is not only our first storage system in Peru, it is also the first time globally that we have installed batteries in a combined cycle thermal power plant. We are sure that this will be a successful combination which we will also implement in other countries to build the generation matrix of the future".

For the commissioning of this project, different permits were obtained, such as Pre-Operational, Operational, and connectivity permit studies requested by the Economic Operation Committee of the National Interconnected System (COES), as well as a Supporting Technical Report approved by SENACE, from the Ministry of the Environment.


About large capacity batteries

Batteries are one of today's major technological developments driving the global electricity market and providing Complementary Services to the electrical system, thanks to the flexibility of the equipment and its ability to store large amounts of energy. These contribute to the reliability and stability of the electrical network and benefit customers by improving the quality of the electrical service.

Batteries are considered the future of clean electricity generation since they can store it and thus allow for the management of blocks of energy that could serve to meet the requirements of customer demand through improvements in the dispatch curves of different technologies without incorporating additional generation (in other words, the electricity supply is better redistributed). This technology offers various uses: primary and secondary frequency regulation, peak shaving, energy shifting, optimization of investments in the transmission network, among others.

The Enel Group has already successfully implemented similar batteries worldwide, in countries such as Italy (30 MW Stand Alone), the United Kingdom (25 MW for RPF), Germany (22 MW for RPF) and Spain (20 MW for RSF). Additionally, in Colombia there is a BESS of 7 MW (to provide RPF), which came into operation days after the BESS Ventanilla.

This initiative reaffirms Enel's commitment to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, since the project contributes to meeting SDG No. 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), because it is the first battery in Peru and represents a boost to innovation.

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