Accumulated revenues of Enel Generación Perú fall 11.4% as of september 2020 due to lower energy consumption on account of the pandemic

Published on Friday, 30 October 2020

Lima, October 30th, 2020.– Today, Enel Generación Perú S.A.A published its financial and operating results for the third quarter of 2020.

Although economic activities have reactivated progressively, energy consumption in the country continues to be below usual. This has caused our revenues and EBITDA to decrease. We are confident that the situation will reach normal levels in the medium term. Meanwhile, we will continue to support the country in the reactivation of its different productive sectors, delivering energy in an efficient and timely manner. The fact that we have built and are close to inaugurating the first large-capacity battery system at the Ventanilla thermal power plant is proof of this. As a pioneering project in the country, its objective is to provide stability to the national electricity system. In this way, Enel continues to contribute to the modernization of the electricity sector, despite the challenging circumstances caused by COVID-19”, said José Manuel Revuelta, Country Manager of Enel Perú.




(Millions of Peruvian Soles)


9M 2020

9M 2019

% Variation






















  • REVENUES: decreased mainly due to lower energy and power sales in the period, in line with the reduction in demand from free and regulated customers in the context of the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • EBITDA: decreased mainly due to lower sales. This was partially offset by a reduction in the cost of power generation, associated with a lower dispatch of electricity by thermal power plants, in line with the lower energy demand in this period.
  • NET INCOME: it was reduced compared to the previous period due to the decrease in EBITDA. This factor was partially offset by a better financial result, a positive effect of the exchange rate, and a reduction in income tax, associated with a lower tax base. The reduction in profit without the positive effect of the exchange rate would have been approximately 7.7%.
  • DEBT WITH FINANCIAL ENTITIES: increased due to a leasing operation to finance the new high-capacity battery system at the Ventanilla thermal power plant.
  • CAPEX: decreased compared to the previous year, mainly due to the completion of the restoration work at the Callahuanca hydroelectric plant in 2019 and the operational difficulties associated with the pandemic. Despite this, the company is currently recovering its investment levels, carrying out maintenance and expansion activities at its facilities in line with its investment plan, as well as developing innovative projects to automate and digitize its operations during the pandemic.




9M 2020

9M 2019

% Variation










  • NET POWER GENERATION: decreased mainly due to lower thermal generation by -31.6%, going from 2,506 GWh in 2019 to 1,714 GWh in 2020, due to a decrease in production associated with the fall in demand at the national level. On the other hand, hydroelectric generation increased by +3.6%, going from 2,473 GWh to 2,562 GWh, due to the greater availability of the Callahuanca hydroelectric plant compared to 2019.
  • ENERGY SALES (GWh): decreased by 18.4%, equivalent to 1,239 GWh, in line with the lower demand from customers in this period of slow economic activity.

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