Enel Perú donates electrical works and provides increased power to hospitals

  • This initiative was carried out as part of the national campaign "May our energy never stop", which also involved donations of medical supplies and individual protection devices to health professionals.
  • The company also started the electrical works to allow the shelter known as “La Casa de Todos” (The Home of All) to be moved from Plaza de Acho to Palomino.
  • These activities add up to the donation of medical supplies to the main hospitals in Ica, Moquegua, Junín, Piura, and Lima, regions in which the company runs power generation plants.


Lima, July 6th, 2020. In response to the ongoing health emergency and in order to strengthen the national health system during the fight against COVID-19, Enel Perú carried out works aimed at supplying greater electrical power to the Peruvian National Police hospital, Augusto B Leguía, in Rímac; the Sergio Bernales Hospital in Comas; the Huiracocha Park field hospital in San Juan de Lurigancho; and the Octavio Mongrut Essalud hospital in San Miguel.

These initiatives add up to the donation of medical supplies to the main hospitals in Ica, Moquegua, Junín, Piura, and Lima, regions where Enel Perú runs power generation plants, as part of the "Que nuestra energía nunca se detenga" (May our energy never stop) campaign.

"We continue to add efforts to help combat COVID-19. An important part of our support is concentrated in hospitals, health centers, and strategic infrastructures such as the “La Casa de Todos” shelter in Lima, because we recognize the importance of their work during the health emergency. We trust that the donation of these works will provide them with greater tools to care for patients affected by this disease,” said José Manuel Revuelta, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

These works will allow hospitals to increase their care capacity for patients with COVID-19. Works were carried out in the Huiracocha Park field hospital,  adding a new supply of over 200 kilowatts in low voltage, through which it will be possible to supply energy to the 200 beds installed on site.

The electrical power in the Police hospital went from 80 kilowatts to 260 kilowatts in low voltage to increase attending capacity for law enforcement officers affected by this illness. Similarly, works were carried out in the Octavio Mongrut Essalud hospital to install a new 950-kilowatt medium voltage supply, thanks to which it will be possible to expand wards with new equipment for the care of patients infected with the virus. Furthermore, the medium-voltage electric charge was doubled at the Sergio Bernales hospital, going from 200 kilowatts to 400 kilowatts, which will facilitate the operation of a module dedicated to treating patients with the virus.

Enel Perú has also contributed to improving the electrical infrastructure of La Casa de Todos, a key entity for supporting the vulnerable population in the country.

Likewise, the company donated medical equipment such as digital thermometers, an electrocardiograph, and an industrial washing machine to the Cayetano Heredia Hospital. Donations also included medical supplies and protective devices such as gloves, KN95 masks, and scrubs for hospital medical personnel. Finally, the Julio César Demarini hospital in Junín and the Talara Hospital in Piura received medicinal oxygen balloons and necessary medical supplies to fight the virus. Similar donations will be made in the main hospitals of Nazca and Moquegua.

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