Deputy minister of electricity reinaugurated the Callahuanca hydroelectric power station

Published on Wednesday, 4 December 2019

  • The hydroelectric power station, managed by Enel Generación Perú, was razed by several landslides during the “El Niño Costero” phenomenon in March 2017.


Lima, November 22nd, 2019. This morning, the Deputy Minister of Electricity of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM), Patricia Elliot, reinaugurated the Callahuanca hydroelectric power station, owned by the company Enel Generación Perú, in an event where the Italian Ambassador in the country, Giancarlo Curcio, was also present. The 84 megawatts (MW) power plant had been severely damaged by several landslides during the “El Niño Costero” Phenomenon in March 2017.

Enel pointed out that the commissioning of the Callahuanca power station was made possible by an investment of over 40 million dollars. The plant, located in the Lima province of Huarochirí, was built in 1938. Today, it produces around 600 gigawatts/hour of clean energy per year, which is equivalent to the consumption of 450 thousand homes.

“We are very pleased to reinstate such an emblematic power plant to the system. The commissioning of Callahuanca also reaffirms our leadership as the main renewable generator in the country. We reiterate our commitment to the authorities to continue contributing to the growth of renewable energies in Peru, in line with the global trends of decarbonization of the sector”, said José Manuel Revuelta, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

As recalled, in March 2017, the town of Barbablanca and the Callahuanca plant were ravaged by several landslides that affected them severely. Enel, in coordination with local, regional, and ministerial authorities, provided constant support to the community during the emergency, for example, by removing debris from the road, supporting the rehabilitation of a bridge, the delivery of essential items, among other actions. Additionally, in line with the company’s strategy of maintaining positive relationships with the communities surrounding its facilities, Enel carried out several measures aimed at permanently promoting economic activity in the area.

Within this framework, the Rural Agriculture Development Project (DAR) Callahuanca was launched, in collaboration with Caritas Peru. This project has improved agricultural production (custard apple, avocado, and vegetables) and the commercial and associative skills of farmers in the district. Additionally, thanks to the Project "Ecomueblería" (EcoFurniture), a perfect example of circular economy, the victims have been trained in the manufacture of wooden furniture made from the packaging of the new machines at the plant. Finally, the Tierra de Niños TINI Project (Children’s Land) is being carried out, as it seeks to provide the children of the locality with an education and entertainment space aimed at taking care of the environment.

It should be noted that the money invested in these projects, which amounts to more than US $ 400,000, comes from a voluntary contribution from Enel employees worldwide, which the company doubled.

Technical Information

The Callahuanca power station is a hydroelectric pass that receives water from the Rímac and Santa Eulalia rivers. Its first unit was commissioned in 1938. It is located 52.5 km east of Lima, in the district of Callahuanca, province of Huarochirí, department of Lima.

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