LatinFinance magazine distinguishes Enel Américas with the “Project Sponsor of the Year” award

Published on Friday, 4 October 2019

  • The award was granted to Enel Américas by New York’s LatinFinance magazine, recognizing experience, creativity, and perseverance.


Santiago, October 04, 2019 – At a ceremony held last night in New York, the prestigious LatinFinance magazine distinguished Enel Américas in the “Project Sponsor of the Year” category. Enel Américas becomes the first winner of this new category, thereby recognizing the company's solid work and leadership throughout the Latin American region. It is also a recognition of Enel Américas’ entire team, in a year where the corporation stood out, among other things, for the successful capital increase of more than US$ 3 billion.

“It is an honor to receive this award that recognizes the great efforts made by all of us who work in the company. Enel Américas has managed to position itself and be an actor of international relevance that grows hand in hand with sustainability. A company which achievements are the foundations of what is coming: the consolidation of a growth strategy, being a leading actor in the energy transition, building the sustainable future of the region,” said Maurizio Bezzeccheri, Enel Américas’ CEO  and the Enel Group’s Head of Latin America Region.

“We are very proud that our work is recognized internationally. The objective of the recent and successful capital increase was precisely to strengthen the company's flexibility to prepare it for a new stage of growth and to take advantage of potential strategic investment opportunities, through sustainable development and consolidating our leadership in Latin America,” declared Aurelio Bustilho, Enel Américas’ CFO.

LatinFinance evaluates the work developed by the different companies during a calendar year. The selection and evaluation process consists of several steps and complexities.

The criteria evaluated for the different participating companies included: general strategy, volume and diversity of transactions, innovation and forecast, quality of execution and success of the transactions performed. Enel Américas stood out for the quality of execution and success of the transactions made during the last year.

With this award, Enel Américas reaffirms its commitment to lead a sustainable energy transition in the region. This has already been a good year, with a first semester of 25% EBITDA growth, mainly due to improved performance in Brazil after the consolidation of Enel Distribuição São Paulo. Enel Américas has managed to lead the industry solidly in the region and it will follow that path towards a sustainable business strategy.