Enel Americas celebrates 25 years in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Published on Wednesday, 31 July 2019

  • Enel Americas performed a Closing Bell in one of the most important stock markets in the world.
  • The company is the largest private utility in Latin America, with 24.5 million customers and presence in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.


Santiago, July 31st, 2019 – This Wednesday afternoon, Enel Americas brought the day’s trading session to an end with the traditional Closing Bell, celebrating 25 years of trading in the New York Stock Exchange. Enel Chile, formerly part of Enersis S.A., also participated in the ceremony, as it is the company that was originally listed on the NYSE.

On October 20, 1993, a milestone was marked in the history of the Chilean financial market: for the first time ever, an energy company listed in the IPSA entered the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the most important financial center in the world. Following this step, Enersis S.A. would become a benchmarking reference among Chilean companies seeking foreign capitals beyond the borders of its own country.

Maurizio Bezzeccheri, Director of Enel in Latin America and General Manager of Enel Americas, stressed the significance of being present at the Closing Bell in commemoration of 25 years of trading on the most important stock exchange in the world: “Being here is a source of pride. Enel Americas has managed to position itself as an actor of international relevance that grows hand in hand with sustainability. A company whose achievements are the foundations of what is coming: the consolidation of a growth strategy, being a leading actor in the energy transition field, while building a sustainable future for the region. Today we also celebrate the success of the first phase of our capital increase goal which last Friday, July 26, closed at 97.3%, allowing us to continue being the leading energy company in the region” he said.

With 24.5 million customers and presence in the main megacities in the region, Enel Americas is today the largest private utility in Latin America, making it possible to grow by offering new services other than power generation and distribution. The presence in the region provides the opportunity to expand the market towards electric mobility, public lighting, financial services or E-Home, all through the Enel X business line.

Today's milestone is the continuation of the story that Enersis started a quarter of a century ago, but that in 2016 took a new name and a new corporate structure: Enel Americas SA, which allowed for the separation of Chile's market from the rest of Latin America, while also giving rise to a new company: Enel Chile.

Today, Enel Americas looks beyond its achievements, with an expansion plan in the region backed up by the successful capital increase of 3 billion dollars, the largest cash payment in the history of Chile.