95% of IST New Pachacútec Graduates Have a Job

Published on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

The career started ten years ago and, according to the labour market integration index, 95% of Industrial Electrotechnics students graduating from the Technological Institute IST Nuevo Pachacútec, located in Ventanilla, have a job. 174 people from 11 classes have graduated ever since the programme started.

The companies in which graduates are employed are, for the most part, contractors of electricity companies, such as Arce, Calatel, Cam Perú, Cobra and Rafetec, among others.

From Applicants to Privileged Students

The last admission test had 65 applicants, 27 of whom were admitted. Of those 27, 26 were men and one was a woman; this proves that women are increasingly expanding their occupational fields into areas that were once considered male preserve.

Students read specialised courses in Industrial Electrotechnics, a 3-year career:

  • Mechanics
  • Assembly and installation of substations
  • Equipment and tools for energy measurement, generation and transmission
  • Material technology
  • Maintenance of electrical systems and equipment
  • Applied power electronics

They are also taught humanities through courses such as Communication, Ethical Behaviour, Leadership and Teamwork, and Statistics.

Most students come from Ventanilla, the district where IST Nuevo Pachacútec is located. Others come from Mi Perú, Puente Piedra and Carabayllo.