More Light, Better Human Beings

Published on Monday, 19 December 2016

“Grassroots organisations from different districts send us letters everyday requesting that we light up their concrete pitches. We are very proud of being able to help them out.”

– María del Rosario Arrisueño, Head of Sustainability at Enel Peru.

Sports are generally the favourite activity of little ones. Just as volleyball, football arouses great passion in children. The lighting of concrete pitches allows them to have a pleasant environment, because in well-lit pitches they can practise their favourite moves. They can feel safe and confident that they will achieve everything they want thanks to their own energy and the energy we provide for them. That is our goal.

Lighting up a concrete pitch is more than just promoting sports. Another benefit is the integration of neighbours, as they become active agents of change through the promotion of cultural activities such as yoga and tai chi workshops for the elderly. Electric power inspire them to change their life style and health.

Innovation that Creates Opportunities

Enel is proud of its more sustainable technologies as part of its global commitment to fight climate change. There are 107 well-lit concrete pitches, and concrete pitch number 106 is characterised by its zero pollution. It is the first concrete pitch with LED lighting nationwide. Its lightbulbs have a lifespan of seven years, unlike the traditional ones, which last from three to four years. They do not take much to light up and do not produce heat or polluting gases.


“Well-lit concrete pitches create a new ecosystem where people can practise sports. But that is not all. Thanks to Peruvian creativity, new businesses are also created in the surroundings.”

All well-lit concrete pitches are job opportunities that lead to economic benefits. Given that a great number of people gather there¾now more than ever thanks to the powerful lighting¾ some people are coming up with different ideas to start a business in order to make progress.

At Enel, we want to support the development of communities. Lighting concrete pitches is one of our initiatives to improve the environment we live in. And we will achieve more.