Bearers of beauty

Published on Saturday, 10 September 2016

“Children discover that they are capable of producing beauty. They are bearers of beauty.”

– Miguel Molinari, Executive Director of Sinfonía por el Perú.

Symphony for Children

Núcleo Enel has welcomed more than 290 children from our area of ​​distribution, and we plan to double the number, because through music children discover that they are able to change their environment by recognising that they have empowering beauty within.

In order for children to make music, they must work as a team and share efforts. They develop tenacity to achieve goals and creativity to play or create melodies; they reflect the values ​​that spring from music. As a result, they become better citizens and adopt better ways of living together in society.

“Children in Núcleo Enel have become the lever of change at home, at school and in the neighbourhood”. María del Rosario Arrisueño, Head of Sustainability.

Núcleo Enel has had outstanding performances in different spaces such as the Cathedral of Lima, the Lima Art Museum and the Virgen del Pilar Church of San Isidro, and will continue to win over hearts through music.