97% of procedures and customer support services during the emergency were off-site

Published on lunes, 26 octubre 2020

  • In total, the company has invested about S/ 9 million to expand and improve its various service channels.
  • Enel improved its digital channels, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and its call center, reducing the flow of customers to its offices.
  • Only 4.5% of the debt financing was managed in person.


Lima, October 27th, 2020.- Enel Peru has invested over S/ 8.87 million in the expansion and improvement of its customer service channels to meet the needs of its users during the national emergency.

This investment allowed the company to improve its digital channels, including its website, social platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), call center, and mobile app, all of which are increasingly valued by users.

“During the months of the state of emergency, we have fulfilled almost 5.4 million requests and inquiries through our virtual and telephone channels, which represent 97% of the total. Some of the most demanded and fulfilled off-site procedures during this period include: inquiries about service billings, at-home payment facilities, beneficiary statuses for any support program, among others”, said Carlos Solis, Business Manager at Enel Peru. It should be noted that, out of the total debt financing processes granted by the company to support its clients in this situation (477,468), only 4.5% was managed on-site.

It is important to note that, since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has made great efforts to help its customers make use of its more than seven online services, such as payment services, account number inquiry, emergency report, review of programmed outages, latest receipts inquiry, electronic receipts, public lighting reports, verification of service and payment locations, as well as the submission of complaints with billing if they have them.

“Our main concern in these circumstances has always been to keep clients out of risk, that is, to make sure they do not have to travel to our offices to submit inquiries or request any type of attention service. Along these lines, we are also focusing on expanding the customer service team, which has grown almost three times during the emergency,” added Solis.

Safer offices

On the other hand, and in order to maintain its commitment to keep its clients safe, Enel has implemented strict health and safety protocols for both clients and workers.

In each of the offices in the country, the company has placed signs to comply with social distancing, hired over a hundred digital counselors to serve customers in queues to reduce waiting times and ensure social distancing, and implemented additional tents to expand operational capacity and achieve a faster flow of on-site affairs.

Finally, Enel Peru has also made available more than 12,000 payment locations to its clients so that they can carry out their operations through different channels, such as banks, agents, and electronic wallets.

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