Progress in the reconstruction of Callahuanca

Landslides destroyed the traditional district of custard apples. Enel Peru is working together with the community of Callahuanca, providing residents with tools to improve their quality of live.

Although almost all the infrastructure was left unusable (houses, medical posts, public services), no lives were lost. The community of Callahuanca could find shelter in high areas, in which they began receiving help.

What did we do during and after ‘El Niño Costero’ phenomenon?

First, we arrived the area by helicopters, carrying water, food, medicine and basic goods such as tents, blankets, among others. Then, we helped recover accessibility by cleaning the bridge and hauling debris away from the main path ―we eliminated more than 3,000 m3 of mud.

We worked in coordination with both local regional authorities and ministries, and together we established a plan focused on health, infrastructure, education and prevention.

Our current objective is to help residents from Callahuanca recover or improve their quality of life.

Our support translated into figures:



Our work is not over yet. We believe it is important to provide people with the necessary tools in order to promote their development.


When Enel Group ’s parent company received the news of the natural disaster, it started a collection among all its team members across the world. The response was impressive: more than 200,000 dollars from voluntary contributions, which were later doubled by Enel Cuore, Enel’s foundation. Over 400,000 dollars were given to Cáritas Perú to start a sustainable development project in Callahuanca. The research on the main needs in the area resulted in an agricultural project that seeks to reinforce knowledge about cultivation, thus improving productivity in the agricultural plots.

Here, there is information about the progress of this project, which is already showing good results and will help residents from Callahuanca improve their quality of life.