Creating freedom

Published on Saturday, 8 October 2016

“Enel believes that children for the future of Peru must be open-minded, upright and able to do well for themselves in whatever they want”

– Rosario Arrisueño, Enel Peru’s Head of Sustainability.

Laying Foundations for the Future

It all began with prefabricated classrooms built by our workers with the support of parents of the community; this was the first volunteer work done in the area. Today, the school has six classrooms and is an educational space that children did not have in the past. They are convinced that their community has changed ever since thanks to education.

Open Power to Educate

Painters, mathematicians, writers; any talent can be developed in a space where teachers encourage children to express their feelings, thoughts and values with total freedom.


“Students at Santa Elena de Piedritas School are educated with the values of freedom and gender equality since they are very young”

Through the promotion of gender equality—a principle that Enel Peru believes in and promotes—students at the Santa Elena de Piedritas School are learning to stand up for their ideals, thereby learning to respect themselves and recognise everybody as  equal.

A society with education is a society with a future; a society with values is a society with progress.