Awakening dreams of progress

Published on Monday, 22 August 2016

“We started with the use of organic materials and the making of compost. Compost is very easy to make in rainforests, with dried leaves, remains of natural food, stems of fallen banana trees. They produce a high quality fertiliser that can be used at low cost in plantations”

– Rosario Arrisueño, Enel Peru’s Head of Sustainability.

Rosario shows us, excited, photos of coffee farmers in action in 54 recently planted hectares; in others, we see David exchanging secrets with local producers. “We have held a quality workshop. We want them to recognise the quality of coffee. The point is that they become aware that their decisions on the farm have an impact on the final product. We have also trained the children of producers as baristas”, says David Torres.

The aroma of the future makes its way

Curibamba Pampa de Oro Coffee is marketed in Arizona and is making its way into international markets. “We are currently scoring almost 85 points and, according to coffee scoring standards, that makes it a specialty coffee, with a better price in the market”, says Rosario. “Growers have realised that, to the extent that they care for the process and the high quality of coffee, they obtain better prices and greater value in the market. Somehow this helps them have a different perspective on life”. Oscar Molina, representative of coffee growers, agrees: “We gave value to the product and we made our best efforts to achieve the highest score. We want to continue improving and make a coffee that makes the difference. We want to keep on making progress”.

“Curibamba Pampa de Oro Coffee has been awarded prizes in different fairs worldwide; for example, the Gourmet medal in the 2nd International Contest of Coffees Roasted in their Countries of Origin held in Paris”

Peruvian Coffee was declared Peru’s flagship product, as it became the most important agriculture product in annual exports and reached 48 countries. Likewise, the Sierra Exportadora state organisation promoted the “Perú Cafetea” campaign to encourage among Peruvians passion for their coffee, which is among the ten best in the world.

In the heart of the green mountains of Junín, progress is making its way. Peruvian coffee is changing the future of families and making us see that there is no limit to our dreams.

You can find the Curibamba Coffee at Tostaduría Bisetti or receive freshly ground coffee at home by contacting them on their Facebook page or by telephone at 952985719.