Get connected to safe energy

Access to payment facilities and agreements to acquire a formal connection

At Enel we care about offering you 100% secure connections. For this reason, we have created a comprehensive plan to provide you with payment agreements and special rates, so you can connect with a formal electrical service and take care of your family from suffering electrical accidents. Featured below, you will find more about this initiative and how you can be a beneficiary:


Why should you avoid clandestine electrical connections?

Because they endanger the lives of both offenders and neighbors of the area and increase the chances of fires breaking out. In addition, they decrease the quality and continuity of the electrical service by generating overloads and cuts. We understand that having a service that meets the safety measures demanded is an investment. Therefore, we offer you special rates for reconnection, as well as financing agreements for a new supply.


Who can access these benefits?

Through this initiative, we seek to reinsert and formalize clients who, due to lack of economic resources and accumulation of debts, do not have a formal electricity service. In this regard, the program is aimed at:

  • Families who do not have a supply. Users will be invited to request a new one, at minimal cost.
  •  Disconnected clients due to debt. Payment facilities will be provided, according to current conditions.

Once you access this program, we will normalize existing household connections and clandestine ones will be removed.


What do we offer?

  • You will be able to formalize the electrical service situation so you can have safe energy.
  • The electrical connections will be installed by Enel specialists and will comply with all the necessary safety measures.
  • We offer you a special price: S/ 180 for single-phase connections and S/ 340 for three-phase connections. In addition, you can make a down payment of 50% and divide the balance into 3 installments.
  • If your service was disconnected due to debt, you will be able to access a financing agreement, after qualifying, when requesting the reconnection.


Do you want to be a beneficiary?

Contact us through our different service channels:

  • WhatsApp: 939-605-111 (option 13)
  • Portfolio Management Modules in CCSS

Your safety and your family’s are the most important thing. Enjoy the benefits of safe energy by hiring a formal service with our support and accompaniment.