Rubi, solar energy for a new era

Clean and renewable energy throughout Peru

Peru’s Largest Solar Plant


The sun is an unlimited energy source of which we can take advantage thanks to the Rubi Solar Plant. Clean and renewable energy throughout Peru.

Peru’s southern region is one of the places with more solar radiation around the world and Rubi takes advantage of the dessert conditions around Moquegua. This department has the conditions to become a renewable energy centre for the country. 

Clean and Endless Energy


Rubi Solar Plant will generate 440 GWh of energy every year, which is equal to the consumption needs of over 350 thousand Peruvian households. This energy will be delivered to Peru’s National Integrated Power System (SEIN, by its initials in Spanish) in order to be distributed in every corner of Peru.

Rubi will prevent the emission of around 209 thousand tonnes of CO2 that would pollute Peru if former technologies continued to be used to produce such quantity of energy.



Rubi’s Natural Beauty


Its solar panels receive sunbeams during the day, which produces a very beautiful image that enhances even more its harmony with nature. A unique landscape thanks to the solar energy generation.