PERUMIN 35: Enel Perú proposes sustainable energy solutions for the energy transition of the mining industry

Published on Thursday, 22 September 2022

Arequipa, September 22nd, 2022. The electric company Enel Perú will participate in the 35th PERUMIN Mining Convention, which begins next Monday, to present its integrated offer of sustainable energy solutions for the mining and industrial sector in southern Perú . In this way, the company seeks to establish alliances that contribute to the energy transition and to meet the carbon footprint reduction objectives assumed by the country.

“Enel is an actor committed to the energy transition in Perú. This commitment drives us to actively seek alliances with the different productive sectors, offering them the possibility of strengthening the sustainability of their operations with renewable energies, electric mobility, and various technological solutions for the efficient use of energy. We arrived at PERUMIN with the confidence of forming new alliances that pursue the same purpose”, said Marco Fragale, Country Manager of Enel Perú.

The executive highlighted the potential of Arequipa and the entire southern part of the country for the development of solar energy projects, such as those currently managed by Enel in Moquegua. Likewise, he argued that Arequipa could also benefit from the change in technology that the transport sector has begun to experience with electric mobility. Fragale announced that they are already working with local partners to develop a fleet of electric buses in the region.


Renewable energies and green certificates

Currently, Enel Perú has an installed capacity of renewable energy from hydrological, solar, and wind sources of more than 1,000 megawatts, which supply clean energy to Peruvian industries, including those located in the south of the country. The company certifies this renewable supply through the so-called "Green Certificates", which have been delivered since 2019. To date, 81 Green Certificates have been issued.


Electric mobility for mining

Enel is an active promoter of electric mobility and offers a series of solutions for the industrial sector, such as the installation of electric chargers from 7 kW to 300 kW, ranging from small units to heavy load units. In addition, it has launched the "e-Bus as a Service" solution, an innovative model that can help mining companies and other industries implement a fleet of electric buses and its respective recharging yard without any initial investment, reducing emissions CO2 product of combustion, as well as noise pollution.


Commitment to the efficient use of energy

The company also offers solutions to reduce the electricity consumption of mining operations, such as high-capacity lithium batteries that store energy and allow companies to use it according to operational needs; demand management to avoid consumption at times of highest electricity cost; the implementation of photovoltaic systems or small solar plants within the mining camps; and intelligent LED lighting to reduce consumption and improve lighting levels. 

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