Enel X initiated the first electric taxi pilot project in Peru

Published on Tuesday, 6 August 2019

  • Through an alliance with BYD and Taxi Directo, the company deployed two 100% electric units that will gather information for six months to evaluate the implementation of a larger fleet and educate the general public about the benefits of this technology.


Lima, July 25th, 2019. – Enel X has introduced the first electric taxi pilot project in the country. The company will be responsible for providing the required electric chargers, their installation and the energy that the cars will use. Likewise, it has signed an alliance with the manufacturer BYD to supply the necessary electric vehicles and with the company Taxi Directo, which will be responsible for managing the operation and permits of these units.

The pilot project consists of the deployment of two electric taxis which will circulate over six months to gather information on their performance, costs and savings, the reduction of emissions, as well as the efficiency and functionality of smart chargers. All this information will set the basis for evaluating the implementation of a larger fleet of up to 30 vehicles.

This initiative will make use of two chargers: a Juicebox Pro 32 charger with 7 kW of power located at the Taxi Directo headquarters, in Callao, and a semi-fast charger located in Enel Perú, in San Miguel. One of the cars will use the Callao charger overnight and charge 100% of its battery in 6 hours, while the other will be fully recharged in San Miguel in only 3 hours.

Benefits of electric taxis

  • Environmental: CO2 emissions are reduced as each taxi prevents the emission of 11 to 16 tons of greenhouse gases.
  • Social: noise pollution is reduced and Taxi Directo employees are trained in the use of new technologies (the vehicle itself and electric chargers).
  • Education: the benefits of electric mobility are explained to taxi users.
  • Savings: these cars save between 200 to 450 soles per month in maintenance, while the fuel savings are set between 15 to 45 soles per day through the course of 200 km (or 450 to 1350 soles per month).


Electric chargers: a step towards the future

Enel X smart chargers allow for in-app monitoring, making it easy for customers to review data such as the battery charge status, charging schedules, energy consumption and even perform actions such as programming, starting or cancelling a charge. Enel X offers slow chargers for residential and commercial use, semi-fast chargers for public use, and fast chargers for service stations.

This pilot project is part of Enel X's drive to encourage the use of electric mobility in the country, facilitating the implementation of charging stations in public and private access locations. Enel X expects to install more charging stations in Lima and other regions of Peru starting this year.

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