San Martín de Porres Opens the First Concrete Pitch with LED Lighting

Published on Monday, 19 September 2016

Equipped with a new lighting technology, the concrete pitch named “Comité Vecinal Parque La Unión”—located by the intersection of the avenues Tomas Valle and Universitaria—was inaugurated on Friday 7 October. This is one of the 106 concrete pitchs lit by the “Más luz para el deporte” programme, which will benefit more than a thousand people of the area.

“Más luz para el deporte” (more light for sports) is a social programme created by Enel Distribución Perú that started in 2005 and has benefited more than 100,000 people among children and adults. Through this initiative, Enel reaffirms its commitment to supporting the local development on its concession area and becomes an active agent of change focusing on future generations.

This well-lit concrete pitch has a distinctive feature: high-tech lighting. LED, by its initials in English, means Lighting Emitting Diode; its main benefits are:

  • A low consumption of energy as it consumes 40% less than sodium lamps.
  • More efficiency in terms of light performance as it has a high luminous efficacy of 100 lm/w and does not produce light pollution.
  • A greater useful life as it lasts up to five times more than a conventional light with sodium (yellow light). LED lights last 100,000 hours.
  • Neutral white colour which allows a better propagation of colours and is very similar to natural light. Lighting with better quality.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint and better care of the environment. Less polluting emissions during the generation of energy.



“During the eleven years we have been working on lighting concrete pitches, as part of our social programmes, is very gratifying for us to integrate new technologies.”

– Rosario Arrisueño, Head of the project.

We do not only light up concrete pitches but also recover recreational, social and cultural spaces that can now be used during the night, thereby promoting healthy activities that keep people away from drugs.