Archaeological Site “Pampa de los Perros” Goes Green

Published on Sunday, 10 July 2016

On the occasion of the Environment Month, we planted more than 180 trees, 1.50 metres tall, in the archaeological site “Pampa de los Perros”, located in the Parque Porcino Human Settlement of Ventanilla. 

Tecoma trees embellish now the area while absorbing CO2, producing oxygen, improving the quality of life of residents and increasing the place’s worth. 

Children Involved

Students from the Daniel Alcides Carrión School took part in the activity as a way to raise awareness among the population about the protection of the environment. The event was also attended by officers from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture and Enel Generación Perú executives.

Support to the residents of Parque Porcino is important to Enel Generación Perú, as the archaeological site is one the oldest Pre-Columbian architectural complexes in Callao. It is over 4,500 years old, so it dates back to before the Chavín culture and is almost contemporary with the city of Caral.