Corporate name RUC
Enel Distribución Perú S.A.A. 20269985900
Enel Generación Perú S.A.A. 20330791412
Enel Generación Piura S.A. 20270508163
Chinango S.A.C. 20518723040
Enel Green Power S.A. 20543298574
Energética Monzón S.A. 20566087457
Proyectos y Soluciones Renovables S.A.C. 20601268478

2. Correctly state the registered office.

3. Enter the Cost Center (CECO) of your Enel contact.

4. Specify the purchase order number and payment approval (HES) numbers.

5. For physical invoices to be negotiated, deliver a simple filled-out copy of the negotiable invoice’s third copy for approval.


  • The invoice’s front side must contain the same data and amounts of the “purchaser” invoice copy, while the back must indicate the endorsement, the negotiable value net of advance or deduction for tax purposes and the due date in accordance with the payment policies.

If the invoice is not to be negotiated, deliver the third copy together with the “purchaser” and “SUNAT” copies.

What are the requirements for invoices from non-domiciled suppliers?

Consider the following:


  • Specify in the attached email the service or good purchased (do not indicate “milestone 1”, “% advance according to contract”, etc.) to identify the taxes.
  • Attach to the email the indication of the tax to be withheld.
  • If you have some tax-exempt agreement, attach the “residence certificate”.
  • If you fail to comply with the requirements herein, your invoice will be rejected and you will be notified accordingly.

To see the payment status of an invoice that has already been processed, click here.